Fashion & Gambling What Can You Wear and What Not?


Even though the casino industry reached its greatest development in the United States in the 20th century, the first gambling establishments appeared in the 17th century. They were distinguished by excessively high rates and a strict selection of visitors. Only nobles and aristocrats were allowed there. 

The gambler’s status was emphasized by his/her appearance: the more pretentious and richer he/she was dressed, the higher was his/her rank and level of wealth. Thus, the casino and the fashion industry have always been closely intertwined.

Distinction by Country

All respectable casinos value their status and the one of their visitors. A visit to such an institution is equivalent to attending a social event. Therefore, a security guard usually stands at the entrance and monitors the proper appearance of visitors. However, the requirements for clothing are slightly different in various countries.


European casinos adhere to a cocktail and evening dress code, depending on the establishment. Men must wear a dinner jacket, two-piece or three-piece suit. Women are supposed to wear a cocktail or evening dress made of expensive fabrics. It is allowed to put a shawl or jacket over shoulders. 

Eastern Countries

Oriental casinos are stricter and more traditional. Men are required to look according to their rank, often in traditional opulent attire. Women need to complement their dresses with expensive jewellery made of precious stones.

The United States

Since the casino industry has been actively developing in the United States for more than a century, the venues there are more neutral towards the appearance of players. At a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino, you can easily find players wearing jeans and T-shirts.

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What Not to Wear

Casual shoes. Neither men nor women are allowed to wear casual shoes in the casino. If you are wearing sneakers or boots, then, most likely, you will simply not be allowed inside the establishment. It is better to give preference to classic shoes.

Inappropriate luxury. It is important not to overdo it with the splendour of the outfits. Pick an outfit so that it looks appropriate and not vulgar. A long train of a dress, an overly defiant neckline, or an excessive amount of jewellery can also close the casino doors in front of you.