THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF A GAINESVILLE DENTIST The term dentist can be used to refer to a person who takes care of our teeth and enhancing our smiles as a way of improving our self-confidence. The main role carried by dentists in Gainesville is examining the dental and oral health of the patients. The dentists in Gainesville do not discriminate their patients for they take care of the young and the old. The role of dentists in Gainesville can be compared to the role of a primary care physician. The only difference between the two is that the dentists take care of the patients dental problems. Dentists in Gainesville have different duties and responsibilities depending on their professions. The role carried by dentists in Gainesville include diagnosing, treating and providing preventive and restorative care for issues that affect the patient’s teeth and mouth. Most of the dentists in Gainesville have opened their own clinics and they work as self-employed and this gives them a chance take care of many patients. There are also other dentists in Gainesville work in hospitals, community dentistry, in the armed forces and in the cooperative dental practice groups. All the dentists in Gainesville have the mandate of carrying out the following responsibilities. Denstist in Gainesville have the responsibility of educating their patients on the best oral methods so that they can be able to take care of their teeth. They have the responsibility of offering satisfactory treatments to their patients any time they need the service. Another role they carry is cleaning and repairing the patient’s teeth, extracting teeth when necessary, fitting the crowns as well as administering anesthesia according to the dental procedures. In case a patient has a bigger problem it is their responsibility to refer them to a specialist. They also have a responsibility of leading dental staff in patient care. If a dentist has opened their own dental clinic they have an extra responsibility of managing it. In addition they have to maintain and keep the records of their patients. In the case they need more staff to help they have the responsibility of recruiting and training them. Also they have to take care of the clinics budget and the equipment to be purchased. The patients should be able to differentiate the dentists found in Gainesville. You will find the general dentists who are the primary health care providers and they specialize in improving the patients smiles. You will find the orthodontists and their main role is jaw alignment and tooth positioning. Also there are periodontists and they take care of the gum and the soft tissues in the mouth. The patient should be knowing their problem so that they can choose the right care provider.

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