Men’s fashion is very simple and there are so many different styles to wear. Whether you enjoy wearing baggy clothing or you prefer clothing that is a muscle fit. There are endless outfits out there that you can wear for casual and formal events.

One thing is for sure that there are many items that a man must own. You know which items I am talking about, the type that doesn’t require much thought and you just throw it on before you go to the shop. It might even be for a formal event of some sort. Here are three essential items that every man should own in 2022.

A Collection Of White T-shirts

Now, you probably own this already however there are many variations of a white t-shirt which you may know of. You can either have a muscle fit, a relaxed fit or an oversized fit, depending on the outfit and style that you are aiming for.

Firstly, you want to have a plain white t-shirt which can either be relaxed or a muscle fit. This is the type of t-shirt that you would wear underneath an overshirt to add another layer. Next, you want some sort of branded t-shirt, this can either be muscle, relaxed or oversized. Depending on the fit that you want to wear. With a branded t-shirt, you would wear a jacket and then you have the option to take it off later and just wear your t-shirt on its own.

You must have multiple t-shirts like this because you need the different styles for different occasions. Plus, you are going to be washing one when you wish to wear one, that is why you need multiple.

White Trainers

The next essential piece that a man needs to own is the classic white trainer. If you are one of those people who like to own multiple pairs of trainers, you should have at least two different pairs of these. One pair for your casual outings and the other pair for when you are going to dressier occasions. White trainers are the perfect trainers for literally anything such as a full tracksuit or just a basic summer outfit.

Again, with white trainers, you can have a branded pair and the other pair be just a plain trainer. Furthermore, you can also wear different styles such as a tennis trainer or even a high top. Remember, some trainers only go with certain outfits so make sure you wear the right design depending on your outfit.  

Grey Sweatshirt

Last but not least, a grey sweatshirt and if you don’t own one of these already, hopefully this will give you a reason to purchase one. Every man needs a sweatshirt like this simply because it is so versatile and can literally be worn with anything. It will be the perfect additional layer in the colder months. Plus, it goes really well with all colours of jeans and can also be worn in a mens twin set. There are literally endless possibilities with a grey sweatshirt because they are so casual.