Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Fashion is described as clothing, makeup, or accessory which is worn as a popular style. Some also define fashion as an art of storytelling with the use of designs, shapes, and colors to create an article of clothing or accessory.

Fashion has evolved to what we presently consider more refined and classier over time. Some fashion types do not require the wearer to be comfortable: all that matters is for the outfit to stand out or to make a nice ‘fashion statement’ that would trend for as long as possible.

Trendy clothing which is uncomfortable to wear in real life

Sometimes people follow different fashion trends without considering the convenience or lack thereof. Many fashion-conscious individuals go all out to look good and also make a statement with their choice of clothing, which turns out to become fashion trends.

Some runway clothing when recreated as real-life fashion outfits may look impractical and uncomfortable to wear but since they are trending, many would gladly wear them in the name of fashion. Some examples of outfits that may look impractical in real life are; a suit with shorts, nightgown dresses, a pajama suit, bike shorts, and so on.

How to perfectly combine your colors or clothing to achieve a good outfit

Many ladies have issues with deciding what to wear even with full wardrobes. Sometimes, not having the right set of clothing or colors could get frustrated when choosing an outfit.

One sure way to combat this problem is to arrange your clothing into different colors, patterns, or designs to enable you to make your choices with ease. Having a scattered closet makes it difficult to combine the right outfit you need for specific occasions. You should visit review sites like to get more insight on how to perfectly match your outfits.

How to dress according to your body type or shape

Determining your body shape and dressing accordingly is important in fashion. If you are big, you should learn to wear clothes that flatter your body type, and putting on slimmer clothes may make you look trashy and not classy since they are not fit for your body type.

You can determine your body shape by getting someone to measure you, and then purchase clothing items according to the measurement. Many fashion brands retail clothing in various sizes to accommodate everyone, with some offering fashion consultations for their customers. What looks great on your celebrity crush may not give the same result when you wear it, therefore, critically consider your body type in all the fashion choices you make.


In as much as it is good to dress well and follow trends, being comfortable should not be relegated to the background, as it is a major reason why we wear clothes. It is only when you are comfortable in your outfit that you can be confident and express yourself in any gathering. Following fashion trends is great but it should not be done blindly.

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