Does it always seem like the best-looking clothes are always in a size that is not yours? From either too big or too small, if you are petite you may be missing out on all the latest and greatest in the fashion industry. If you are petite in size than it can be most difficult to find great looking and fitting apparel in the trendy styles. Don’t fret, you are not the only short person on the planet. There are plenty of people out there just like you who long to be taller. Don’t let the fact that you are petite discourage you from thinking you can’t have style and sophistication. Although you may not be growing anymore (at least not vertically), you can still give the appearance of height. It all depends on how you dress. In fact, since there are a lot of petite women out there you can even find guidelines that can be followed to help you find your style in a short world. According to a fashion article, appearing taller (and leaner in some cases) all depends on what you are wearing. As a shorter person, you need to have objectives in how you dress. Some of these objectives include: appearing longer, creating a flattering silhouette, and avoiding boxyness. For example, if you are looking to appear a little taller than you should follow these guidelines: go for tighter clothing in order to avoid extra bulk, stick with only a few color variations, stick with vertical patterns instead of horizontal patterns, wear same color belt as pants, wear high heels but avoid heels with straps, wear high waisted pants and skirts, wear button shirt dresses that stop at the knee, take it easy on oversized accessories, avoid boxyness, pick out glasses and sunglasses that are propitiate to your face, wear v-line tops, pick a handbag that fits your physique which means no large handbags, wear a jacket that is the same length as your dress, and choose boots that stop at your knee.
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