Car Window Tinting Tips When it comes to buying a new car, it always is a main priority for owners to have a new window tinting installed and for the most part, it has to be done by a professional. A car tint is a must-have in areas where the climate is warm for the most part of the year. In many instances, car window tints don’t come as free from the dealership because it’s an aftermarket accessory after all. Well, just like when you are shopping for any other type of aftermarket accessory, buying a tint for your car corresponds to asking a lot of questions and clarifying things first. Obviously, the purpose is to make sure you’re getting the right one for your car’s needs. And yes, there in fact are various types out there. Tip 1 – Always make it a point to figure out the heat blockage rate of the tint’s film.
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Well, it’s honestly the reason why you’re getting a tint for your car in the first place. But you do have to understand that window tint films have varying heat protection rates and the cheapest ones obviously have the weakest percentages of providing heat protection. There are varieties that provide just about ten to twenty percent protection while others can provide a hundred percent protection. In many temperate climates, a tint film handing out 40{e58e3be699c017867212c508978660f6c02fe89c2d4bc7ac923e17f0c93d5c61} heat protection is good enough.
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Tip 2 – Give equal importance to the tint’s aesthetic quality. Being a driver yourself, you probably have encountered so many different looking tints on vehicles you meet on the road. It seems like each type is distinct, even though there isn’t much difference in visual characteristics. Many car owners fancy the very dark tint, fondly called as limo tint, because they simply look good. But if you’re planning to have one installed, be sure it is of high quality and won’t hinder your visibility on the road. However, you do have to inquire about your local government’s regulations on dark tints because you could end installing something that’s illegal. Tip 3 – Inquire about the warranty. Obviously, you can’t settle for a cheap tint installation that doesn’t come with a warranty. The thing is there even are some premium tints out there carrying lifetime warranties. Long and extended warranties are the best proof of the tint’s durability and high quality. Aside from warranty material, make sure you also consider work or installation warranty so that if ever something goes wrong, the installer will be responsible to cover it.