Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Protecting your Shopify store transactions is critical to your success. With Pinwheel Fraud Shield, you can prevent fraud, mitigate chargebacks, and increase your business. Let’s see how you can do this and who can help you with the Square virtual terminal. 

Pinwheel Payment Gateway Provider

Pinwheel’s network is built over 12 years of experience from 6,500 merchants representing various industries. This means billions of transactions that need to be well protected against different types of fraud.

Pinwheel offers a device collector API that builds a unique digital persona for real-time analytics that can help you detect and prevent fraud with success. Pinwheel features a simple user interface developed with the merchant in mind.

Pinwheel uses AI to detect new and emerging payment fraud attacks so you can easily avoid getting into the trap of chargebacks. Pinwheel is designed to instantly respond to fraud attempts. 

Pinwheel Fraud Shield

With Pinwheel, you can enjoy integration with almost all major payment providers and accept most payment types. Pinwheel offers excellent fraud prevention and the highest level of data security.

Specifically, Pinwheel Fraud Shield allows you to detect fraud for your specific business needs. Fraud Shield integrates AI and uses the latest fraud screening technologies to combat fraud. You can automate the fraud prevention process and avoid losing revenue. Particularly:

  • Pinwheel’s statistical fraud scoring allows you to have the necessary data for making educated risk assessments. As a result, you can reduce false positives and boost your bottom line.
  • Pinwheel’s customizable rule strategy is built to enable merchants to successfully deal with the most sophisticated fraud cases.
  • Pinwheel also helps prevent transactions from high risk countries. The payments service provider utilizes technologies such as Geo Location, Mobile Device Signals, and Proxy Piercing to enable you to make better decisions via automation. 

No matter you’re looking for exceptional fraud prevention solutions or need help with the Square virtual terminal, a true expert in payments will offer the best merchant processing solutions for your own business wants and needs. 

Protecting Your Shopify Shop With Pinwheel Fraud Shield

Pinwheel payment gateway provider boasts a unique Fraud Shield that you can use to prevent fraud and avoid excessive chargebacks while running your Shopify store. Pinwheel is designed with the merchant in mind and can best help you with your eCommerce payment processing. 

Author Bio: Content crafter Alex Wilmont has been active in the payments industry for over 15 years. He lives simply, gives generously and loves his 2 dogs. His mission is to enhance and innovate the fintech industry for years to come.

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