The technological advancements have enhanced beauty treatments significantly. Take, for instance, tanning, gone are the days when one had to bask under the sun for hours to sun-kissed skin. With modern tanning techniques, one has to get inside an automated spray tan booth, stand inside for a couple of minutes, and voila, you have the perfect tan. 

However, spray tanning and self-tanning come with some downsides. If not done right, a spray tan can leave a streaky look or orange skin. If you too have experienced streaks after self-tanning and want to avoid it next time, here is what you should know. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons for tanning stripes and how to fix them. 

#1 Not Properly Rinsing the Tan.

Streaks can appear after the spray tan session if you don’t rinse off the tan solution properly. The general rule to rinse off the tan is to take a 45-second shower in lukewarm water. Do not use shower gel or soap while showering. Just allow the hot water to run through your entire body. Using shower gel or lotion will strip the tan solution, resulting in uneven streaks.

Some self-tanners complain that some tanning solution gets washed off in the shower. They presume that the tan has wholly rinsed off from their skin. However, this is not the case. The bronzers that wash off indicate where the skin has tanned. Allow the water to run clear off your skin surface. In case you have applied too much of bronzers, lightly rub the area and let the tan rinse off.

#2 You Used Products on Your Skin.

Professionals recommend not putting on any product or makeup on the skin before getting spray tanned. This is very much true for every kind of tanning procedure. Skin products and lotions form a barrier for the tanning solution to penetrate deep into the skin; thus, one should not apply anything on their skin when tanning. Do not put any lotion, gel, cream before going for a spray tanning session.

 Certain parts of the body like elbows, knees, and ankles are usually dry. Excess dryness may prevent tanning solution to set on the skin properly. Should there be any need to moisturize such areas, make sure you, apply the lotion to those areas only.

#3 You didn’t Exfoliate Properly.

Ask any tanning expert the one golden rule for perfect tanning, and they will all say “exfoliation.” Cleansing and exfoliation is key to streak-free tanning. Dry skin cells form the wall that prevents the tan lotion from getting deep into the skin cells. Thus, it’s essential to scrub as much dry skin cells as possible.  

#4 You didn’t Apply the Tan Evenly.

When self-tanning at home, one must be careful when applying the tan solution. An even layer of tan will allow the color to blend into the skin perfectly. There are various tanning applicators available in the market that offers streak-free tan.

While self-tanning is easy and achievable, there are times when one doesn’t get the desired result. However, one can look for a “tanning spa near me” and avail streak-free and stress-less tanning services.