Understanding the importance of healing

Healing was one of the major ministries that Christ had on earth. He spent most of His time healing than in spreading the gospel. The health of the people was among the most important aspects of spreading the message of eternal life. Throughout the Bible, the followers of Christ are advised to stay in perfect health for their good. Healthy living is one of the biggest evidence of Christianity. There are several people who must have contacted diseases out of ignorance or because they did not have sufficient information on the state of their health. Such are the ones who are eligible to receive the healing through the ministry of Pastor Chris.

The healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris maintains that the powers that Christ used to heal the people have not been extinguished. For the same Christ who healed people is the same one that is alive today. Quoting the book of Hebrews, Pastor Chris maintains that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His powers have never changed. The same powers that said ‘let there be light’ on the first day of creation can still say ‘thou be whole.’ The same Christ who healed people in the past is not weary of healing people again today. His ministry never comes to an end. According to the pastor, people who have faith in God should not be weary of diseases. They should not be stressed on where their healing is going to come from but should have all their faith in God.

The means of healing in the ministry

In his healing school, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome tries to manifest the power of Christ in the process of healing. The same power that Jesus used while on earth is still effective to date. During the times of testimonials, people who have been left for the dead have received healing. Most of the people who have been taken to different hospitals for healing with no positive results have been the biggest beneficiaries. Normally, the doctors reach a certain point where they cannot help a situation. Such are the cases where the pastor seeks to show the power of God and how He can reach places where no human intelligence can be seen.

Evidence by testimonials

In as much as there are different people who have been healed in the healing school, many people still find it hard to receive the gospel truth as the pastor presents to them. There are several testimonies of people who had been left with no hope but got their healing to the power that works miracles. Most of the healing processes take place when the patient believes in the power of God. Of all the testimonials given on the healing powers, a fascinating one was the one the one where the patient had been discharged from the hospital so that he can die at his home. There was no hope left for the person. Through the ministry, the patient who was suffering from cancer got back to his feet, and any traces of a disease was not found in him.

The power of faith

The ministries of healing which have been witnessed in the church are not by the powers of the pastor. Just as Christ said, ‘your faith has made you whole,’ the pastor depends on the power of God which works through the faith of the patient. Without this faith, it would be impossible to receive healing. It is the same faith that patients of Jesus had to receive their healings. Currently, most people criticize the work of the pastor because the understanding of the word of God lacks in the world.