What to wear to a New Year’s house party

If you are in your mid 20s, done with the fancy new year’s parties, but still feeling like celebrating, you’re probably throwing or attending a house party. Close friends, food, drinks and probably board games, these parties are the most wholesome ones…and way cheaper. But because of the comfy setting combined with the important event, choosing an outfit for a new year’s house party is a little difficult. The dress code is anywhere between pajamas and a suit, so it’s hard to decide. We put together three suggestions that we think might work for such an event. Get your red underwear on and get reading for the rest of the outfit.

Lucky red

We all know that on the night of New Year’s we have to wear something red. Going for a full red outfit is always fit for this occasion, so you can’t go wrong. The best part about this is that you can decide if your all red outfit is an elegant one, or just a red hoodie and some joggers. Take your favorite red dress, add some cute fuzzy socks and you will look like a princess, don’t forget to accessorize and add some curls for the full effect. Or put on some comfy sweatpants, red ones, add a white soft top and a hoodie on top, keep the fuzzy socks, hairstyle and accessories and you will be just as stylish, but way more comfortable.

Comfy Chic

This is without a doubt an outfit that you could wear absolutely anywhere, so how can you go wrong with it? Black trousers, a shirt of your choice, it could be a plain one, or something with a fun pattern, get a silk one if you’re feeling extra, a knitted cardigan and gold accessories. That is your outfit, it’s simple, it’s super comfortable and it is right in the middle of elegant and casual. For some cardigan options you can look here https://www.keilys.com/irish-cardigans.html and you can choose a colorful one if you want this outfit to be more joyful. This will also be perfect if you plan on seeing the fireworks at midnight, as you already have something to keep you warm, so you don’t have to bother too much.

Unbothered Jeans

The last option requires no thought, no planning, it’s the kind of outfit you can put together in 10 minutes and still look good. You’re gonna take your comfiest pair of jeans and your favorite sweater, add some hair accessories like a headband or some pearl clips, put on some fun patterned socks and you are done. You still have the accessories that make everything look put together and you have the comfort of the rest of the outfit. Make sure something in this outfit is red so you don’t upset the superstitious friends and you are ready to go into the next year looking fabulous and unbothered.