With the ending of garments rationing, folks within the 1950s had extra freedom over what garments they wore. One other men’s clothing preferences that got here into being that they’re was that regarding casual tees Casual garments have been coloured all over the liberal shades, were brief time half-sleeved and how you can loose Trend clothes by well-known tailors and unhealthy for had also began appearing and trend icons any one in every of these as Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley find yourself the advocates relating to fashion in your 50s.

In the Nineteen Fifties going to be the economic and social conditions were getting higher and higher and life – span was becoming comfy,due to this fact folks started dressing accordingly and tailors and legislation began using their cloth a good deal more liberally.

With the costume design additionally helmed by Edith Head, To Catch a Thief not solely defines Hitchcock’s quintessential heroine (blonde curls, a bold purple lip and Dior’s New Look silhouette), it also captures the elegant style of the ’50s—which trend still continues to reference to at the present time.

Whereas the ‘new look’ was initially discouraged by the UK and US governments, it was so popular with the then trend-setting royal princesses Elizabeth and Margaret that in flip their designers were influenced, and the look quickly increased in public popularity.

The film’s standout robe moments (which embrace Sabrina dancing dreamily around a tennis court docket in the dark, as one does) began the long-lasting designer-movie star relationship between Hubert de Givenchy and Hepburn, a vogue pairing that lasted by the remainder of the actress’s life.